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Keeping your data safe, in the office or on the move.

We work with established and high profile security partners, such as Mimecast and WatchGuard, in addition to utilising the Nitec Security Suite to protect your perimeter, your network, your internet and your email.

The Nitec Security Suite provides a best in class suite of software products that provide network, internet and email security. Each component facilitates system diagnostics, central reporting, quicker response times and improved customer service. It delivers security based real–time monitoring of your network.

This solution adds real–time monitoring, reporting, management, diagnostic and prevention across your network using some of the best solutions available on the market. In effect, Nitec will be alerted to any risks that are hitting your network. Already we have been able to neutralise threats and resolve issues before the customer is even aware they have arisen.

The Suite also provides integral patch management, server reboots and email continuity as standard. These are elements which most providers offer as additional services.

Security Suite Components

Network Security

Our Network Security Solution enables us to see the very heartbeat of the network every 30 seconds. For example, we know within 30 seconds if your broadband/server goes offline, we can tell if a machine has a security patch not applied and we can automatically update vulnerable applications like Java, Flash and Adobe.

Internet Security

The Internet Security Solution provides Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware protection to the network with integrated monitoring. As with network security, we can tell when a machine gets infected or if a user is tampering with their AV Solution within 30 seconds.

Email Security

Email is the number one ingress point of a network for infection, which potentially leads to data loss. Our solution, is to scan your email with 12 engines resulting in a significant reduction in spam along with no false positives.

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