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Continuity and cost savings.

When it comes to your IT infrastructure, one of the most important things is quantity. If done correctly, less can mean more.

From traditional network solutions, containing on–premise infrastructure, through to fully cloud based solutions, a Nitec consultant assesses and evaluates each company independently to ensure that our recommended solution offers the best for the customer’s specific needs.

The hybrid solutions offered by Nitec fall under:

  • Network 
  • Storage 
  • Infrastructure 

The Benefits

Data Security

Sensitive and personal data can be centralised, which prevents data loss if a device is stolen or lost. In addition, it allows for secure access to data through a virtual network and you can also use Virtualisation to create a sandbox, that will isolate attacks within a safe, virtual environment.

Cost saving

Virtualisation eliminates the need to purchase additional machines and this, in turn, leads to less energy consumption and space usage. There is also maintenance cost savings as fewer machines need to maintained and updated.

Business Continuity

Virtual servers can be migrated from one physical server to another, with negligible downtime. This means your business can continue to operate in the event of a human or natural disaster. Virtualisation allows servers and machines to be restored in minutes in the event of a disaster.

No Wastage

Before Virtualisation, a server was generally dedicated to one application. If this application did not use all of the available resources of the server, then there was a lot of wastage. Virtualisation allows the processing capability of the server to be used, by spreading it over multiple VMs.

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