Changes in our Communication Processes

Unless you’re one of those few people who actually enjoy listening to poor quality instrumental ‘please hold’ music while you wait on the phone to talk to a human being, then contact via phone support may not be for you. 

Email is the preferred communication mechanism for the majority of issues logged with Nitec and recent changes mean that you can now log a ticket directly into our ticketing system via servicedesk@nitec.com.

Whilst we have first line engineers assigned to the phone support numbers to ensure that any frustrations of waiting to speak to a human being are kept to a minimum, issues raised by email will be added directly into the queue for an appropriate engineer to be allocated, resulting in a quicker turnaround in having your issue raised and the correct level of engineer being assigned to assist you.

Using either form of communication, as soon as your issue has been entered to our systems you will be assigned a unique ticket number. An email containing a summary of your issue and the all–important ticket number will be sent to you.

It is important that this number be included in all communications relating to the issue, as it will allow us to ensure that our engineers have access to all of the details you will have provided us with as part of the diagnostic process to resolve your issue.

Should you have a requirement to call our support line (028 94 427000) and you have previously contacted us regarding the issue, then please ensure you have your ticket number to hand.

If you are using email, then please reply to the automated email that you received at the time the ticket was logged. This will ensure that your email is added to the case and that the engineers are notified that you have responded or provided an update.

Call backs from the team

We know that you, the customer, have your own role to fulfil in the workplace and waiting for a call back from our team may not always happen at a convenient time. While you are waiting you might even find that the issue has been resolved and that you no longer require assistance.

To ensure that our engineers get to those who need us, we are implementing a new process that will see our systems perform a number of automated communications over email to ensure that we can agree a suitable time to speak with you (should you still need us), or allow you to respond with an update on the issue.

The process will flow as follows:

  • You (the valued customer) will contact Nitec with regards to your service needs. A ticket will be logged, and an engineer assigned.
  • The engineer will reach out to you to gather additional information or to work towards resolving your issue.
  • If they are unable to obtain a response from you over email/phone the ticket will be updated in our system to reflect this.
  • An automated email will be sent to you to request an update. Do you still require assistance? Is there an update to the issue? Can you suggest a suitable time for us to call you? If you respond to this email, our engineers will react accordingly.
  • If you do not respond, then a second automated email will be scheduled for the following day with a similar request for you to respond. Again, if you respond our engineers will seek to contact you as agreed.
  • If after three attempts to make contact have been made and we have not received any update or contact from you, a fourth email will be sent notifying you that the ticket will be closed within our systems the following day.

Of course, at any time you can come back to us afterwards and have the ticket reopened when you are available, but we hope that the implementation of the process defined above will reduce the amount of time our engineers spend throughout the day trying to make contact with a customer who may not be available at that time, allowing them to focus on those who are available and awaiting our assistance.

Your feedback to these changes is key to their success, so we would be most grateful if you would provide honest feedback to our customer surveys to ensure we can address any issues as quickly as possible and continue to deliver the high level of support that Nitec strives to provide across its customer base.

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