Nitec Resolves HP Recalls for Customers in Record Time

In March 2019, HP expanded its global safety recall of laptop and mobile workstation batteries due to concerns that the batteries could pose “fire and burn hazards” to customers. 

The recall initially started last year (January 2018) but has since expanded, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, due to an increase in reports of battery packs overheating, melting or charring, causing injury and property damage.

Resolving the Issue

Nitec received the update on 19th March and immediately took action to mitigate the risk posed to a vast number of end users on its customer database.

The team at Nitec worked quickly to resolve the issue, using internal auditing tools to automate the process of collating the devices used and liaising with HP to identify the serial numbers of the devices potentially affected. This enabled the team to whittle firstly the number of users with potential battery issues down to 384, and then down again even further again to just 5 devices that needed to be addressed.

They then remotely connected to each affected user to verify if the batteries needed replaced. Replacement batteries were promptly ordered, and onsite visits were scheduled for HP engineers to dispose of and replace the faulty batteries.

Going Above and Beyond (As Always!)

The entire process, from flagging the recall to identifying the 5 machines affected (out of over 5,000) through to arranging replacement batteries, took less than 3 hours for the Nitec team to complete, without a single member of staff having to leave their seats.

If you have an HP computer for personal or home use and aren’t sure if your computer may be affected, click here to run your computer through HP’s downloadable validation checker and find out what to do next if your computer is at risk.

At Nitec, we go beyond equal to provide our customers with world class service, and this is just one small example of how we do that.

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