Nitec knows… iPhone 7 Plus

It is that time of the year again when Apple release their greatest iPhone yet and I, of course, being the apple fanboy I am went out and got one as soon as I could – much to my colleagues delight I ended up with the iPhone 7 Plus in Rose Gold (which, as everyone likes to remind me, is pink).

So hidden away behind a manly blue case is my shiny new rose gold iPhone 7 Plus. Apple usually has big changes aesthetically on the number jumps between iPhone generations. This year, however, they have thrown that out the window and kept the design pretty much as you would expect the S version of the generation to be (there are rumours of next years being a big change, but we’ll just have to wait and see). 

Looking at the phone from the outside you will notice that there is no headphone jack, as who wants to use tech from 1964 in a phone when you can go wireless, and in its place you’ll find a speaker grill behind which you will find Apple’s new Taptic Engine which powers all the vibrations you feel – but more importantly to make the new home “button” feel like a button, as it is now a flat solid surface. This means when you press down on the home button the Taptic Engine vibrates in such a way that it tricks your brain into thinking that you pressed an actual button – this works very well.

Another feature that you notice straight away is the screen – it’s now 25% brighter and displays a wider range of colours. It is noticeable with pictures taken on the iPhone 7 camera rather than the the 6S I had previously. This brings me to one of the main reasons why I opted for the upgrade the camera – the iPhone 7 Plus has not one but two cameras on the back of it, which work together to take some amazing shots. The second camera can add all sorts of depth of field magic that really brings the focused object into the foreground as can be seen when I was playing around with camera at the weekend. 

iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7 Plus

Performance wise the iPhone 7 Plus is great, it’s new A10 fusion processor and 3GB of RAM makes for a very quick device as can be seen in some of the geekbench tests 

  • iPhone 7 Plus: 3,367 single core/5,491 multi–core
  • Samsung Galaxy S7: 1,869 single core/5,366 multi–core
  • LG G5: 1,672 single core/3,401 multi–core
  • Huawei P9: 1,823 single core/5,152 multi–core

And even with all these powerful new features the battery life has got a lot better too. I’ve found that I can get a good bit more out of the device than previous iterations. I’ve been using the new phone for just over a week now and have been loving the upgrade, especially with the camera. The upgrade from a 6S to the 7 may not be for everyone as it still pretty much looks like a 6S but the changes that are made under the hood are impressive enough that I jumped on the bandwagon (though in all fairness I’d probably still upgrade if there was little done under the hood too).

And just to reiterate it’s not pink, it’s rose gold! 

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