Nitec knows… Industrial Placement

I have worked at Nitec for just over a year as a Placement Software Developer and I am due to finish my placement at the end of August. My role involves working in a team to create and support bespoke web applications for companies all over Northern Ireland. 

These solutions are custom built from start to finish to suit the specific business needs of any customer. At present, we have actively deployed solutions for a wide range of different industries including manufacturing, healthcare and e–commerce.

My history with Nitec goes back as far as 2012, when I was actually still in the middle of my A–Levels. In the summer between lower and upper sixth, Nitec were kind enough to offer a two–month placement for me to gain experience in software development before I committed myself to the area, academically. After finishing, I was inspired by the work I saw and the experience had solidified my thoughts on pursuing software development as a career.

After another year of school and two years of university I was seeking to start a placement year with an IT company, as part of my degree, and Nitec again were kind enough to offer me a place in their software development team.

My time over the past 14 months has been highly educational and a lot of fun. I have been fortunate enough to learn from a team comprised of individuals with a range of diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in the industry. The staff of Nitec, as anyone who has dealt with them will know, provide professional expertise and insights in a down–to–earth and friendly way.

An element of this placement experience that I particularly enjoyed was the hands–on nature of it. I have, unlike some other students, written and deployed peer–reviewed code that is used in live systems. This approach, of being treated as a resource to the team who can actively contribute instead of just being ‘the student’ is a fast–track to gaining the skills needed to becoming a successful developer.

As I reflect on my time here, I arrive at the conclusion that Nitec offered a rare opportunity to get a very real experience of the industry in Northern Ireland, and those who are passionate and willing to learn, will flourish. I am very grateful for the chance to have spent a year here and look forward to keeping ties with the company in the coming years.


Craig Neeson
Student Software Developer

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