32 million Twitter passwords hacked

Twitter has become the latest social media platform to fall victim to a hack, which has resulted in the login details of 32 million users – including email addresses, usernames and passwords – being made available on the dark web.

Details of the hack were revealed by LeakedSource, a website which indexes hacked credentials from data breaches, who reported that they were supplied with the data set of 32,888,300 records from a user called Tessa88@exploit.im. They also confirmed that Twitter was not the subject of the hack, it was the Twitter users themselves. This was confirmed on Twitter by Michael Coates, Trust & Info Security Officer at Twitter. 

This hack is the latest is a series of attacks on social media sites and high profile users. Recent weeks have seen hacks on Myspace and Tumblr that involved 400 million accounts, as well as the leak of login details for 117 million LinkedIn accounts (hacked in 2012) and, of course, Mark Zuckerberg’s accounts were compromised and he was found to be using the password “dadada” across several platforms.

Some sources have suggested the hacking is due to the re–use of passwords from the aforementioned hacks. This claim may have some merit, as below are the top ten passwords used for Twitter, which are remarkably similar to the top ten LinkedIn passwords, which we highlighted previously.

Twitter passwords
Twitter passwords

The Twitter hack again highlights the importance of using complex and unique passwords, for individuals and for businesses. Now is the perfect opportunity to re–evaluate your password habits. Is convenience really better than keeping your account secure? For how many sites do you use the same username (perhaps your email address) and password combination to login?

For more information on passwords you can read our previous post on best practices, and if you have any further queries on keeping your data or network secure then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss.

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