Were you a victim of the LinkedIn data breach?

LinkedIn, the social media network for professionals, was the victim of a hack on 5th June 2012 when passwords for a reported 6.5 million users were stolen.

Four years later and the story is back in the news. The latest revelations allege that 117 million LinkedIn users’ emails and passwords are being sold on data sharing websites by a hacker identifying themselves as “Peace” – a significant rise in the 6.5 million that was reported in 2012.

It has been reported that the data was being sold on the dark web for five Bitcoin (£1,500) but has since dropped to around half this figure.

It is possible to check whether or not your LinkedIn account is one of those which has been compromised. Have I Been Pwned is a site that will confirm if your account has been affected, all you have to do it enter your username or email address.

Following the latest revelation, a list of the most commonly used passwords for LinkedIn accounts has surfaced. The ten most commonly used passwords are listed below.

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LinkedIn Passwords
LinkedIn Passwords

These passwords, although not surprising, are still disappointing to see. Several months ago, we published an article on passwords, which highlights the importance of passwords and includes advice on best–practices.

Running your finger across the number pad on your keyboard, or across the top row of letters may seem like a convenient way to generate a password that is easy to remember and easy to type but, eventually, this will lead to a password protected account being compromised.

In the case of LinkedIn, the advice is for users to change their passwords (preferably In–line with the guidance we have provided) but going–forward, it is important to evaluate all existing and new passwords you are using. This applies to businesses as well – it is vital that a strong password policy is in place for all users. This is an area in which Nitec can assist and if you would like any further information, feel free to get in touch.

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