What if you couldn’t log onto your software system?

“Failure is not an option. It comes bundled with the software.” – Anonymous

When your business gets a software system that helps you to run it you quickly become dependent on it, and it very much should be that way. Software, done right, should form the 16th man on your team. It should be indispensable. It is what will help you achieve your goals as a business. So, what happens when it fails?

Achieving success with software

Unfortunately, the anonymous quote above is too often a reality for businesses who get software systems installed. They have big dreams and aspirations; they pay large sums of money and then the reality bites. The software doesn’t work – it was bundled with failure.

That is not either our desire or reality in Nitec. We put systems in, we expect them to work well, and they do. But this doesn’t happen by accident. We desire success and we work hard to achieve this, both internally and with the business involved.

However, the job doesn’t finish when the software system gets installed – the job continues. We need to keep abreast of things. Let me give you an example.

When the Internet was created, and Tim Berners–Lee’s protocol started whizzing data around the world, someone came up with the idea of cookies. Anyone in the UK who surfs the internet will have heard of these as we are constantly asked to agree to their use. However, security was a complete afterthought at the time. As a result, some smart people have been rethinking the standards used for these, and these new standards are starting to be implemented. Google Chrome is leading the way in this.

Proactively protecting your systems

One of the implications of this though is that Microsoft Azure AD login, which many systems are secured with, will break. The systems that use this need to be patched. If your system is not patched, then it will not be possible to log into your system on the Chrome browser – it would just break. However, Nitec has your back. We have been watching this situation develop for a few months, we have read up on it, and as a fix has become available, we have looked into it, adapted it for our system and now have it ready to deploy.

This, and other situations that develop over time, are only part of how, when you work with Nitec, we work for you. Instead of failure we aim to build success into all our systems.

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