Nitec Dev Team: Say Hello to Sam

As the youngest member of the Nitec family, Sam is currently completing a summer placement with the Software Development team. 

Our placement student Sam sitting in front of his computer with his collection of ducks
Our placement student Sam sitting in front of his computer with his collection of ducks

It’s an exciting time for him as he has just received his A–Level results and will be starting a Computer Science degree at Queen’s University Belfast this autumn. Sam is thoroughly enjoying his time at Nitec and loves helping with development projects. As much knowledge as Sam gains here at his placement, he gives back through volunteering his spare time to projects like the Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam and CoderDojo. This is one of his great passions in life and he believes that the more effort you put in to projects like these, the more satisfaction you get out of it, as well as making a positive impact on young people’s lives. 

When you talk to Sam, it’s apparent that he’s a deep thinker and likes to make the most of everything he does.  He feels that time is precious and it’s important to use it the best you can – so much so that his desert island item of choice would be an alarm clock! His love of systems and development extends to the time he spends with friends, working on his personal projects and bouncing ideas off others. What he loves most about software development is the satisfaction you get from creating something. 

It’s not all work though; you can often find Sam hanging out with Woody the border collie, enjoying some vintage TV. His favourites include Red Dwarf, Blackadder, Monty Python and Columbo. Sam’s dinner of choice would be chicken goujons and chips. While he admits he’s no Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, in true Sam style he has a plan for dinners while he’s away at uni; armed with his trusty ActiFry and a Lynas Foods loyalty card, he’s well prepared. 

A little–known fact about Sam is that he is an avid collector. Perhaps most surprising is his collection of over 350 rubber ducks. He has even studied the market and developed a system for getting the best deals on as many of these little guys as you might ever need! Whatever life throws at him, it’s clear Sam has his ducks in a row.

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