Nitec Dev Team: Introducing… Clark!

A Software Development team is nothing without the team members. 

We are very lucky in Nitec to have a quality team of experienced software engineers. They are an energetic, enthusiastic and sometimes enigmatic crew who are always up for the challenge of helping our customers improve their use of software and, as a result, grow their business. Over the next few months, mixed in with other posts, I hope to introduce some of this motley crew to you.

For starters, meet Clark.. 

Clark, Software Developer
Clark, Software Developer

Clark has had a long history with Nitec as he first entered our office as a young and impressionable teenager on a placement during his two–year course with Belfast Met. This then led to Clark starting a degree at Queen’s University before joining us again during his professional placement year. Since the placement year ended Clark has always been around, doing some part–time work in his final year and then joining the team as a permanent staff member upon graduation. He has now been with Nitec in this permanent role for almost four years.

Clark is a rare commodity among software developers as he has extrovert tendencies and enjoys spending time with people, especially if it involves a bit of a laugh.

Clark spends his spare time outside the office playing football and seeing family and friends. While he is no Messi he has been known to hit a few great shots in his time, though his massive love for Manchester United displays his complete lack of knowledge of football in general. Netflix or the PS4 would be the entertainment of choice for a night in, and Clark’s favourite movie is The Martian.

At the minute Clark’s favourite technology developments are React and Flutter and he is getting to learn and use these in private projects outside work time. React is also becoming the frontend technology of choice within the team for new projects.

If Clark were to be stranded on an island the two items he would bring would be a Boojum burrito (where they know his name) and a boat to escape the island.

  • Connectwise
  • Logitech
  • Microsoft Partner Gold x 6
  • HP Enterprise
  • HP Preferred Partner, Gold
  • Aruba
  • Mimecast
  • Watchguard
  • Citrix
  • BT
  • Webroot
  • Arcserve
  • APC
  • Plantronics