Does Your Software Make a Cup of Tea?

Abraham Lincoln reportedly said that, given eight hours to chop down a tree, he’d spend six sharpening his axe.

Given enough time, could Nitec replace your business with autonomous machines so that it was working 24/7 with no humans involved and just printing money for the business owners? In short, no. The idea of robotics and artificial intelligence is an emerging field for which specialists exist in certain industries. Some automation may be possible in your business but Nitec is not the company to do that work for you.

Improving Efficiencies

So what advantage does Nitec bring? Building on the quote from above Nitec comes along and we sharpen your tool so that as you move forward in your business you move with a tool that’s ready to do your job effectively and efficiently. In real world terms that can mean several different things depending on your industry and what your business does. For example, if you were a services–based business perhaps you need help in managing interactions with your client base, the flow of data through your business as you deliver your service, and invoice the services consumed. There may also be an aspect of customer involvement through this process whereby they want to get certain feedback on demand through a portal. Through all of this you have an on–the–road staff that you need to have in the right place at the right time. Nitec would come along and map out these processes and write the software for you.

Or perhaps you are a manufacturing firm who has started along the road of automation. As you have walked along that road you have standardised a little on the products you offer and now want to allow your clients to interact more with you in the ordering process. Perhaps they will be able to order your services online through a configurator and receive a quote instantaneously. Then have this order travel through the system with all its details showing them appropriate feedback until it is despatched and invoiced to them.

Real Time Insights

Behind the scenes you as a business owner can also get appropriate information on production and delivery costs, which can tell you the real cost/profit of a given product. Quality metrics can also be gleaned if information is collected well, letting you know, for example, the percentage of ‘right first time’ in your production process and allowing you to identify areas of growth. In certain circumstances all this information can be combined to give accurate estimations of the capacity of your business and accurate estimations of lead time for a given piece of work. All of this in real–time.

In short Nitec helps you to sharpen your tools to run your business more efficiently, which allows you to compete well in your industry. It is not a fair fight if your competitors have a sharp axe and yours is blunt.

Often, I have business owners tell me that their process is complicated and they don’t see how software would work. Or perhaps they have aging software that has been worked on for the last 20 years and they don’t see how this can be replaced. What I always encourage these decision makers to do is bring us along and let us see how we can sharpen your axe. The answer you get from us will be nothing short of honest and then at the very least you will have more information to make a decision.

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