Running to Stand Still

Security is a serious business. 

It takes real effort to improve security but, as in our little comical example above, while you are sorting one problem someone else who hasn’t ‘got the memo’ is busy undoing everything you did last week. At times it just feels like you’re running to stand still. It also makes it nigh on impossible for the average Joe to assess how good network security is.

This is pretty much daily faire for an IT guy. In fact, it’s my honest belief that if you don’t have some way to continually monitor your IT defences and your network security it will never hold up to any type of scrutiny if an audit is required.

Network Security with Nitec

At Nitec we have been building our own monitoring mechanisms and I think it’s worth talking about the thinking that is driving that, as I believe it’s different from others and the only real way that gets the job done.

The question I want to pose is “What is the state of your network?” Not just what is the state of your network today but what is it tomorrow? The day after? Next month? Do you have access to a system that can tell you, at the drop of a hat, the current state of your network?

Much of the advice we receive in the press, for example with regard to GDPR, is vague and difficult to act upon. Over the coming series we are going to look at important areas of network security and  real things you can do to improve your network security. Even better, through our tools we can be confident that once we flick a switch or change a setting to improve security, it stays in that state. Maybe a more accurate statement is stuff will change – after all, you’re trying to run a business, but at least we’ll be aware and between us we can bring it back in line.

Security Upgrades

One other issue. Imagine you have invested in the Microsoft 365 Business Bundle. You now have access now to a number of security improvement technologies, but the question is have you implemented them? Never mind have you kept them implemented? Introducing security upgrades can be a battle. I know this is going to make sense to a lot of folk out there. Without the right tools it is so easy to make a decision to upgrade and then get stuck somewhere implementing, and 12 months later you haven’t managed to get the real value out of your investment.

For now, I’m going to leave you with a picture of our user security dashboard which we’ll discuss further in the next instalment. Perhaps if you are looking at this and it has piqued your interest, you know where we are if you would like to chat.


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