Our x equals logo encapsulates the problem solving mentality and exactitude we have used to add value to businesses through intelligent technology, since 1998.

Nitec’s aim is simple, we are here to deliver secure and productive IT solutions that add real value to a business by using Intelligent Technology. The first step is to gain a holistic and granular understanding of your business and its operating environment.

Our commitment to research and development allows us to have complete confidence in the recommendations we make since we use the technology ourselves. It also ensures that the guidance we give is based on comprehensive knowledge of every appropriate technological option.

Nitec’s close relationship with global IT partners enhances our ability to remain at the leading–edge, giving us unfettered access to new products and technologies. 

We are the only company in Ireland to have been selected by Microsoft to participate in Windows “Technology Advancement Programmes” which saw the company play a unique role in shaping products at a Microsoft Corporate level.