Our Team

Our people – the company’s greatest assets. A select group bringing insight, tech savvy, strategic thinking to our service.

Service Desk

  • Christopher O’Neill - Christopher O’Neill

    Christopher O’Neill

    Service Desk Manager
  • Emma Buchanan - Emma Buchanan

    Emma Buchanan

    Service Delivery Manager
  • Tyler McDowell - Tyler McDowell

    Tyler McDowell

    Senior Service Desk Engineer
  • Steven Patterson - Steven Patterson

    Steven Patterson

    Senior Service Desk Engineer
  • Colin Campbell - Colin Campbell

    Colin Campbell

    Service Desk Engineer
  • Rachel Dunlop - Rachel Dunlop

    Rachel Dunlop

    Service Desk Technician
  • Nathan Millar - Nathan Millar

    Nathan Millar

    Service Desk Technician
  • Steven McMahon - Steven McMahon

    Steven McMahon

    Service Desk Technician
  • Calum Waring - Calum Waring

    Calum Waring

    Service Desk Technician
  • Robbie Rankin - Robbie Rankin

    Robbie Rankin

    Service Desk Technician
  • Lisa Goodman - Lisa Goodman

    Lisa Goodman

    Service Desk Administrator
  • Matthew Webster - Matthew Webster

    Matthew Webster

    Professional Placement Student
  • Cliona Mulholland - Cliona Mulholland

    Cliona Mulholland

    Professional Placement Student
  • Tommy Neill - Tommy Neill

    Tommy Neill

    Workshop Technician
  • David Wilson - David Wilson

    David Wilson

    Workshop Assistant