The Journey to Modern

Modernise your basic cyber security standards with our state-of-the-art solutions.

The Journey to Modern

Journey to Modern. It’s a term you have no doubt heard numerous times if you are engaged with the consultants here at Nitec, but what is it and where is it going? 

Those of us of a certain vintage will remember when it was acceptable to have "Password 123" as a means of securing our critical data. That and a good lock on the office door were all that was really needed. Nowadays, your data is most likely not even stored in the office. It’s out there in a protected area of the internet, and whilst the lock on the office door is still advisable, many of us may find that we are spending more time working outside of the office these days. This brings us to focus on how the information you require can be accessed from anywhere—but not by everyone!  

Flexibility around your place of work has changed dramatically since the pandemic, but even before that (including those who remain office-centric) your data was and is still publicly accessible - in a secure manner of course. Checking your emails from your phone when out and about is the perfect example of how we need "anywhere" access to our data.  

In the early days of storing data on the internet, or "the cloud", a strong password was absolutely the recommendation. But your data has value, and those who wanted to crack into it soon found a way to do so pretty easily. Even those that weren’t so clever could have a go, simply by using the information you had posted on your Facebook page. That 1st birthday celebration of wee Paul on the 17th of July gave them something to go on: Paul170721. I’m not stupid enough to give you that info about myself by the way. My Paul is turning 9 on his next birthday...  

So, suddenly, passwords carried great importance, and even though your best efforts to make them difficult to guess succeeded, you also had to be careful not to give them away unwittingly to the Crown Prince of Belize, who wanted you to log into his website to access the $4,000,000 he wanted you to have. Once "he" had those details, "he" could log in the same way you did to get to your emails and files.   

Then, along came MFA, otherwise known as "Multi-Factor Authentication", although we hope that at this stage, that goes without saying, otherwise we have failed miserably. It was the additional part of the login process that meant, even if they had your username and password, they’d have to guess the little 6-digit code on your key fob or mobile phone. Guess what? They found a way to get that too! Next, you’d have to change the code to a text message that you had to approve or enter a specific number. You guessed it—they managed to get that as well! Sometimes that is aided willingly by you just wanting your phone to stop dinging for approval while you are sitting on the sofa trying to watch TV. In those instances, for whom are you approving access to your data if it’s not you sitting in front of your computer?  

So as the bad guys get smarter, the good guys must always stay ahead of the game and make it as difficult as possible to get to your valuable information. It's ever-evolving—a journey if you will.  

When we talk about the Journey to Modern, it’s about always moving forward using the modern-day tools that are available to us. Today's security will look different from that of next month, next year, and beyond, so we can’t stand still and let the bad guys catch up. It’s not only your login details that need to be secured, but also the device that you are using to facilitate the access, be that a PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Combine the two, and you are on the right track to securing your data and, in turn, your business.  

At Nitec, we have invested heavily in ensuring you get the most out of your IT solution. Your money was hard-earned, and we appreciate that you want the maximum return, so through many hours of research and development, we believe we have created a baseline that will start you and your business on the journey, and we are with you every step of the way.  

For more information on how you can join us on the journey, contact our consultancy team at, and they will be happy to explain in greater detail the benefits and requirements of coming on board. 

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