Nurturing Connections: Unleashing the Power of Hybrid Work Relationships

Making friends at work can be difficult in this day and age but here's how you can tackle it.

Nurturing Connections: Unleashing the Power of Hybrid Work Relationships

As I’m sure you’re well aware, since the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Nitec have wholeheartedly embraced the concept of hybrid working. Whilst that has brought undeniable benefits to the business as a whole, it has not come without its challenges. Staff have felt isolated at times or that their relationships with their colleagues have suffered as a result of working remotely. However, we have proactively addressed these concerns by implementing effective measures that not only allow relationships to develop and thrive but also preserve the advantages of hybrid work. And here’s how we did it:

Designated Team Office Days:

Recognizing the significance of face-to-face interactions, each team at Nitec has a designated day during the week to work together in the office (excluding Mondays and Fridays cause lets face it, who wants to be in the office on either of those days?). This allows team members to get to see each other and catch up face to face, and not only that, as multiple teams share the same designated office day it allows for cross-team interaction. This promotes a culture of camaraderie and togetherness, allowing staff to form friendships whilst still enjoying the benefits of remote work the remaining four days of the week.

Quarterly ‘All-In’ Days:

In order to strengthen bonds across the entire staff team, Nitec organizes quarterly 'all-in' days wherein all staff members attend the head office for one day. These days strike a balance between work and enjoyment, as we prioritize engaging in fun games and sharing great food together, while also dedicating time to productive work activities. These invaluable days truly cultivate a sense of togetherness and build relationships in the workplace, fostering a distinctive atmosphere of positivity and unity.

Cameras On:

Microsoft Teams is our go-to for virtual meetings and whilst sometimes it might be tempting to sit in bed with your laptop and your PJs on, we do require staff to turn their cameras on during meetings. It encourages staff to get up, get dressed and be productive, but also imitates face-to-face interaction as close as possible over a computer. By making the effort to visually connect with one another, our teams can establish a stronger sense of connection and communication.

Off-the-clock Socials:

More recently, we’ve been prioritizing meeting each other outside of the workplace to have a bit of fun and get to know each other on a deeper level outside of a professional environment. Over the past few weeks, a few of the team have been meeting each other after to work to play a bit of foot golf together. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, effectively instead of using golf clubs to get the ball in the hole, you use your feet – and yes, the ‘golf’ balls are much bigger. This has allowed for some comical moments to be shared and no doubt, long-lasting memories to be created.

Team Away Days:

We feel it’s important to socialize in our respective teams outside of the workplace and love to get outdoors and do fun things together as a group. Recently our Sales Consultancy team ventured to the North Coast for a bit of kayaking at The Edge Watersports and they had a blast. Whilst delivering exceptional work to our clients in a timely manner remains a top priority, we are equally committed to ensuring that each staff member feels included, respected, and valued. These occasional team treats are an excellent way to achieve just that.

So, there you have it. If you’re a business owner or in a senior management role, we would suggest you take these things on board because happy employees = productive employees. Seriously, happy staff have been found to be 20% more productive than unhappy staff. By investing in our employees and fostering a workplace environment that prioritizes relationships, we are able to reap the rewards of a motivated and engaged workforce.

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